Good Grief is a love for the Friday ritual of talking shit, airing grievances, and embracing friends before lighting a joint over a tiny Toronto balcony.

It is a way to explore discomfort and wonder through connection.

Good Grief is run by one woman (with the help of a few talented pals) with a deep passion for Herbalism. While taking classes on herbs and blends taught by trained herbalists, Good Grief started from just being curious about plants and wanting to share this exploration with pals.

We hope you enjoy smoking with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are herbal blends?

Good Grief Blends are organic herbs that when combined with other herbs and plants enhance its flavour and effects. Enjoy them solo, steep some tea, or burn as incense.

Blends do not contain nicotine, tobacco, cannabis, artificial flavours, or additives.

Are blends safe?

Yes! All herbs are organic, wildcrafted when possible, and food grade. They are all herbs known to be used in a variation of ways for centuries.

Do you offer wholesale? 

We do! Send us an email at hi@shopgoodgrief.com