Kidsco Curling Ribbon (Set of 12)

Kidsco Curling Ribbon (Set of 12)

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Kicko - 60 Feet Assorted Curling Ribbons For Party . Florist . Hair Etc. Red . Blue . And Other Colors Pack of 12

Product Description

Looking for an extra something to add to parties?

Maybe you're also a fashion enthusiast.

Well you have come to the right place.

Kicko's set of ribbons come in 60-foot-long rolls the way you get the best bang for your buck.

60 feet gives you tons of ribbon to use for any occasion you may need.

Kicko's curling ribbons come in a wide array of assorted colors so you get a wider variety for your preference.

Colors included are blue . red . purple . green . pink . white . light blue . and much more!

These ribbons are great for parties and celebrations.

Add an extra fancy touch to gift boxes by tying ribbon over it for that extra touch.

Tie them to balloons so you can hold them and add an even more celebratory touch.

You can even use these ribbons for fashion!

Young girls will love tying these in their hair to themselves look nice.

Cheerleaders will love these in their hair too!

Tie up your hair with these in different knots for different looks.

These ribbons come in a pack of 12 60-foot ribbon rolls.

That gives you over 700 feet of ribbon to use!

You won't have to buy ribbons for months after buying this pack from Kicko.

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